Queen Elizabeth II is the ultimate pearl fashionista, don’t you think? Pearls do not have to be boring and resemble something that only your grandmother wears. Unless she is as cool as the Queen, of course. There are many contemporary jewellery brands out there who put together beautiful pearl pieces that are young, avant-garde and often show-stopping jewels.

Here, I found three designers, who deconstruct age old concepts about classic pearl jewellery and are the next best thing in alternate pearl jewellery.

Unconventional Pearl Jewellery

Melanie Georgacopoulos

Seemingly vulnerable and feminine yet tough and enduring, the pearl’s symbolic contradictions are juxtaposed throughout each of Melanie’s collection with the application of innovative techniques and a surprising use of materials. I love this structured statement necklace embellished with large pearls whose unravelling plasticity emulates the movement of fabric on skin.

Unconventional Pearl Jewellery

Unconventional Pearl Jewellery

Miranda McCarthy

Miranda’s new collection of sculptural pendants was inspired by the Renaissance jewellers and the indigenous birds of Britain. These dainty creatures, crafted from Baroque pearls, natural sapphires, gold and silver, are in affordable range under £300.

Unconventional Pearl Jewellery

Melissa McArthur Jewellery

Melissa McArthur Jewellery is all about jewels of elegant simplicity incorporating freshwater pearls and semi precious stones. I absolutely adore this delicate necklace lovingly hand-made from 9ct gold featuring one pearl on a hoop, under £200.

What are your associations with pearl jewellery after reading this article? Leave me a message in the comments!