About Us

FINIFER is the famous brand of Hoang Gia Pearl Co.,Ltd from Vietnam. Our company is the leading in cultured pearl and handcrafted jewelry that is located in Ho Chi Minh City. 

FINIFER is really wonderful collaboration of Wertern applicability and Eastern’s mystery that make our jewelry is ONE – OF – A – KIND. Handcrafted with minimal, elegant style… through FINIFER, we would like to create the brand new jewelry which can show your true color and can get well with everybody and all outfits… Now it’s really easy to choose FINIFER items for your love ones. (If you want to give your love’s one a special gift, FINIFER can help you).

The hot-items in Finifer collection is pearl jewelry with elegant but cool. These are also the most popular items and not surprising that celebs and people in Vietnam are often spotted wearing.