About Us

Art to inspire, design to discover


Our story emerges from the pristine waters of Vietnam. It tells a tale of an artisan with a dream to cultivate the world’s finest pearls and create the finest jewelry possible, and of his niece, based in the US, confidently striving to share with the world his exquisite creations.

We are an Uncle-Niece duo, each with their own set of skills, making this team hard to beat and full of heart. Each one of our items is created by Tuan Ho (the uncle), a fine artisan with an outstanding sense of aesthetics, an appreciation for all things beautiful and an undoubted talent to make anything he touches turn to gold. With years of experience and a very high esteem in Vietnam, Tuan offers a part of his heart with every piece of jewelry he makes. Tracy, the niece, a young lady with a pocket full of dreams, endless determination and a lovely smile, uses her terrific managing skills to make it all happen and run ever-so smoothly.

Together, we created Finifer, a family run business, where we can joyfully share Tuan’s one-of-a-kind creations. These precious jewels include fine materials such as 925 silver, real diamonds, and our world-renowned genuine pearls, cultivated in the crystal blue waters of Vietnam on a family run sea farm., where Tuan meticulously insures the cultivation of pearls of the utmost quality.


Who we are?


FINIFER is the famous brand of Hoang Gia Pearl Co.,Ltd from Vietnam. Our company is the leading in cultured pearl and handcrafted jewelry that is located in Ho Chi Minh City.


What we do?


Finifer is a  ONE – OF – A – KIND collaboration of Western versatility and Eastern mystery. Handcrafted with minimal, elegant style, Finifer aims to create a brand that will allow women to display their true colors and accent any outfit. Finifer items can also serve as a special gift to loved ones for any occasion. The most popular items in the Finifer collection are the elegant, but cool, pearl jewelry. Our well-known jewelry can often be seen sported by people and celebrities all over Vietnam.