Let’s celebrate Valentine’s Day this year by pampering ourselves with a little self-love and pearls. Nothing brightens the face quite like the lustrous glow of a pearl. And in the GEMOLOGUE Universe, you’ll find lots of inspiration and pearl style for that perfect gift.

Throughout history, women and pearls have embodied the very notion of glamour and sophistication. With so many symbolic meanings, pearls are hard to neglect. Cleopatra was one of the first women to bring pearls into the spotlight as a symbol of wealth and power. In a bold spectacle of extravagance one night at dinner, she challenged her guests to the most expensive meal ever. She then took off one of her pearl earrings and dissolved it in vinegar before downing the exquisite drink in one go. I’d love to see the look on her guests’ faces at that very moment!

For the women of Venice, pearls were more of a symbol of romance. Brave pearl divers risked their necks looking for these precious gems, just so some beautiful woman could wear a delicate strand of pearls around her fine neck. In later centuries, the women of nobility wore pearls as a symbol of status, elegance and femininity, as noted by the jewellery lovers of my recent Instagram pearl giveaway.

What unites all these stories? For women everywhere, pearls are a celebration of self-love that can instantly put a confident smile and a luminescent glow of delight on your face! So celebrate this year’s Day of Love by spoiling yourself to the special gift of pearls. Pearls can be edgy and give you a look of power and confidence, romance and tenderness, as well as elegance and femininity. A pearl will bring out your best qualities and become a gem of self-expression, whatever that might be. Take a look at all the amazing styles below in the GEMOLOGUE shopping gift guide!

Dainty Pearls

My beloved dainty trend is in full swing! Just check out my Instagram curation! Plenty of Annoushka jewellery with beautiful designs featuring pearls. My favourite is definitely the 18k gold butterfly earrings with pearl drops from the same collection as the necklace I wore for my bridal ceremony! Keep an eye out for Maria Tash, who has been perfecting the art of piercing and jewellery-making since 1993. She has some of the cutest pearl designs available on NET-A-PORTER! And finally, one of my favourite designers, Yvonne Léon. There’s just something fabulously Parisienne about everything she touches. I’m so in love with this ear cuff I’ve added it to my personal collection; it makes me feel playful and beautiful!